Raffi Boghosyan crowned winner of YFSF S9 - All Stars

The ninth season of "Your Face Sounds Familiar" – All Stars left a lasting imprint on all viewers of NOVA with its great vocal performances and impersonations. On Monday night, four unique celebrity artists – Raffi, Fiki, Mihaela, and Militsa competed for the last time on the stage of the popular show.

The viewer’s vote has determined the winner to be the singer and musician of Armenian descent -Raffi Boghosyan. For his last performance, he had chosen to impersonate the iconic Bulgarian singer – Vasil Naydenov and the emblematic song "Goodbye, my love". “I am thrilled that the audience felt what I’ve tried to convey. It seemed to work out because this is the second time that I win this format. I have never expected it to happen again. Eight years have passed since I won the first season and it’s very strange because all other participants this season were really good”, said Raffi Boghosyan.

After the contested first place, the second position was for the winner of the eight season - Fiki, who impersonated the King of Rock and Roll - Elvis Presley. The winner of the fifth season Mihaela Marinova was ranked in third place with her emotional performance of "Je t'aime" by Lara Fabian. The audience voted the fourth place to be for Militsa Gladnishka, who once again proven not only her acting but also vocal talent with “Never enough” and the impersonation of Jenny Lind from the movie “The Greatest Showman”.

The other four artists who did not qualify among the finalists also had brilliant performances during the last episode. Sofi Marinova transformed into her colleague from the pop-folk genre - Preslava, and Katsi fulfilled his desire to impersonate another participant at the All Stars season - AZIS. Poli Genova and the Bulgarian King of pop-folk music - AZIS chose the perform a duet of the emblematic singers Lili Ivanova and Tsvetan Vladovski.

The finale of the favorite show for impersonations has marked great results with an average audience share of 46.65% in the active population target (18-49 years), which is more than three times higher than the second television in terms of viewership at the same time slot.