Season 1 of Rachkov's Forbidden Show ended with many surprises

A spectacular finale marked the end of the first season of Rachkov's Forbidden Show. The last episode of the show was dedicated to the theme "Let it be summer" and special guests were GALA, Argirovi Bothers, Yordan Yovchev, Lubo Ganev, and the North Macedonian hitmakers Aleksander and Dac. The viewers of NOVA also witnessed the final round of the contest Miss Rachkov and at the end, the host Dimitar Rachkov surprisingly announced the upcoming second season of the show.

The first guests on stage were Argirov Brothers, who thematically performed the song "And it smells like the sea", and then took their place in the jury of the Miss Rachkov contest. Gala, Yordan Yovchev, and Lubo Ganev joined them to evaluate the six finalists. After several entertaining rounds with various artistic challenges for the contestants, Polina Petkova has received the crown.

"I feel great! I am so happy! It is very cool!", said excitedly the first winner of the title “Miss Rachkov”. More than 1200 girls from all around the country took part in the first round of the contest by posting their photos on the show’s official Facebook page. Only 50 of them were selected for the second round, in which they had to send a short video, and 6 of the most artistic reached the third final round in the show.

The Olympic medalist and sports legend in gymnastics Yordan Yovchev performed a combination on parallel bars, especially for NOVA viewers and the guests in the studio of Rachkov’s Forbidden Show. The icing on the cake of the grand finale was the northern Macedonian stars Aleksander and Dac, who brought the audience to their feet with their hit “Corona, bye!” and surprised Rachkov with special gifts - a "love passport" and an author's book.

In the final show, the viewers also saw compilations of the most memorable and entertaining moments throughout the past season. For thirteen episodes, the host Dimitar Rachkov and the band, led by Raffi Boghosyan entertained the audience of Nova TV every Sunday night with a variety of guest stars, comedy sketches, musical performances, and surprises. Each episode was dedicated to a specific topic, presented excitingly and entertainingly – national peculiarities and traditions, Bulgarian sport, the capital against the province, education, healthcare, for and against the silicone, past times of socialism, the childhood, social media influence, and others.

What other surprises and topics await us in season two - we will find out in September!

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