Management and Executive Team
  • Magardich Halvadjian
    Magardich Halvadjian
    Magardich Halvadjian has more than 20 years of experience in the creation, production and direction of full feature movies, music and commercial videos, and TV shows. He is co-founder and manager of Global Films, co-founder of Global Vision and Global Rent, as he is actively involved in the management of the two companies. He has won many awards from various movie and media festivals. Also he is Chairman of the Board the Bulgarian Association of TV Producers. A member of CEPI.
  • Julian Halvadjian
    Yulian Halvadjian
    Yulian Halvadjian is working in the TV production business for more than 12 years. He is co-owner and manager of Global Vision, as well as shareholder in Global Rent. Mr. Halvadjian has experience as producer and executive producer of many music videos, movies and TV shows, such as Lords of the Air, You Have Mail, and other.
  • Asen Chankov
    Asen Chankov
    Asen Chankov has more than 17 years of experience in the production of movies, TV shows, music and advertising videos. He is co-owner of Global Vision, as well as shareholder in Global Rent. Mr. Chankov have been executive producer/producer of more than 500 music videos, 300 commercials, many movies and TV shows.
  • Silvester Yordanov
    Silvester Yordanov
    Silvester Yordanov has more than 20 years of experience as a director of photography. Before Global Vision, he worked at Max Group and other companies. Mr. Yordanov has shot more than 500 music and 300 commercial videos. He worked as DOP for many Bulgarian and German movies and TV series. Mr. Yordanov is shareholder in Global Rent.
  • Ivaylo Spasov
    Ivaylo Spasov
    Ivaylo Spasov is member of the Board of Directors of Global Group and founder of Entrea Capital, a leading investment banking firm in Bulgaria. Prior to that, Ivaylo worked for Ernst & Young, covering various industries, including TMT, energy, food and diary. He holds MA in International Economic Relations from the University of National and World Economy in Bulgaria.
  • Svetlana Vassileva
    Svetlana Vassileva
    Svetlana Vassileva is the CEO of Global Group. She has more than 20 years of experience in TV broadcast, distribution and ad sales. In the past, as a station manager, she launched and managed the first private national TV channel BTV, launched Fox International Channels Balkans operation, has been CEO of Nova Broadcasting Group, her last position before joining Global Group was Vice President of Fox International Channels for Northern Europe. Svetlana needs no introduction. Her name is well recognized in the media industry of Bulgaria and the region.
Creative and Production Team
  • Irena Desheva
    Irena Desheva is a long-standing executive producer in Global Group. For the past ten years she has been dealing with the largest and most successful projects – Star Academy, Extreme Makeover – Bulgaria, Fear Factor – Bulgaria, Psychic Challenge – Bulgaria – seasons 1 and 2 and the version of the show for the Romanian market, You Have Mail (C'e posta per Te), X Factor – Bulgaria, Bulgaria’s Got Talent, Your Face Sounds Familiar - Bulgaria, The Big Hopes, I Can Do That - Bulgaria etc.
  • Kiril Kirov
    Kiril Kirov is chief director at Global Group Ltd. He directed X factor - Bulgaria for three seasons (season 4 currently on air), Your Face Sounds Familiar - Bulgaria (3 seasons, season 4 in preparation for spring, 2016), Bulgaria’s Got Talent – season 2, The Big Hopes”, “Seven Hours Difference” – 40+ episodes, You Have Mail, Psychic Challenge (for Bulgaria and Romania) Fear Factor (Bulgaria version), to name a few.
  • Nikolay Yordanov
    Nikolay Yordanov is with the company since its establishment. He took part in the production process of the earliest TV show such as Crossing Point and Sweet revenge (candid camera). He has been executive producer of the TV Shows Total Madness and All Inclusive and also of two daily shows, especially produced for FOX International’s local version of UTILISIMA channel. For more than 6 years he is also a head of the Commercials and Music Videos departments.
  • Vlady Aprilov
    Vlady Aprilov is head scriptwriter and editor in chief of dozens successful TV projects since 2000 – X Factor – Bulgaria, Bulgaria’s Got Talent, Your Face Sounds Familiar, Total Madness, Sweet Revenge (candid camera), The Magnificent Six, The Bulgarian Christmas etc. He has more than 25 years of TV experience and creative.