"With Rachkov, anything is possible" is the newest TV format of NOVA

This autumn, Dimitar Rachkov returns to the NOVA airwaves with the new show "With Rachkov, anything is possible". Every week, the host will welcome eight of Bulgaria's top stars to face them in funny challenges filled with lots of laughs. More than 80 popular Bulgarians have already accepted to forget how famous they are and venture into the unknown with one sole goal – to entertain themselves and the viewers.

The "Crazy Room", in which the participants will enter without a script and play at a slope of 22.5 degrees, is only one of the nearly 100 comedy games in which Rachkov will involve his guests. The stars will sing, dance, improvise and even fly in a friendly atmosphere. They will have fun together without being competitors with each other. The show will be in front of an audience that for the first time is recruited entirely through social networks.

“What I love most about the show is that it's not a competition. No teams, no jury, no points, no rankings. All games are subordinated to one single goal - to entertain the spectators", said the host Dimitar Rachkov. "You will see some of Bulgaria's big stars in surprising and really funny situations, and I believe that laughter is the only antidote to our stressful everyday life. Another distinctive feature of the show is that rehearsals are prohibited - the guests throw themselves into something truly unknown and have complete freedom to improvise. I'm glad that so many famous Bulgarians agreed for a moment to forget "how important we are" and just get together to laugh together - just like friends do at the end of the week."

"With Rachkov, anything is possible" is licensed from the French format "Vendredi tout est permis" ("On Friday, everything is allowed"), a favorite of the audience with its "must see" moments. Apart from France, the show has been successful in countries such as Germany, Italy, Spain, Australia, Canada, USA and many others.