Rachkov’s Forbidden Show is the latest production that NOVA presents to its viewers every Sunday from 20:00. Each episode of the show has a specific topic and gathers all points of view with the typical sense of humour, various sketches, and celebrity guests who embark on unexpected challenges, musical performances, and many surprises. The Rachkov’s Forbidden Show has a house band with leader Raffi Boghosyan, who is also the music producer of the show.

The most anticipated TV show for Spring 2021 in the Bulgarian air started with humour, performances, and many guests. A constellation of celebrities became part of the first show, which was dedicated to the host. Next to him stood some of the best Bulgarian actors, including Krasi Radkov, Lubo Neykov, and Marius Kurkinski, and in the first sketch, the audience saw the beloved Maria Sapundzhieva. For the first time, they gathered on the same television stage as special guests and friends of Rachkov.

The extraordinary musical duets and performances will become a trademark of the show. During the premiere episode, the audience saw Кrisko and Rositsa Kirilova with swapped roles, performing a combination of the other's songs. Another favourite singer appeared on stage at the peak of his birthday. AZIS celebrated its 43rd anniversary on the show, and his mother appeared as a special surprise.

“Self-irony is a very important quality when you are making a comedy show and want to joke with others. Expect any surprises. There will be no rules in this show. Episodes won't look alike to each other. I like to improvise. In the first show, I didn't improvise much. I followed the script. The second time won't work that way. I don't like being in focus and this is where I get out of my comfort zone. My absence of nearly a year from the TV air is provoking people to wonder what's going on. All speculation came from the media landscape. It was my decision - to take a break from known formats for a certain period and to do something different. This is a new step for me. I've always had a partner in the face of my close friend Vasil Vassilev-Zueka. This is the first time I've hosted a TV show on my own. I and the producers want to do something that people would watch Sunday at 8:00 pm and forget about their problems." - shared Dimitar Rachkov in the air of NOVA on Monday morning after the premiere.

With an uncompromising start, Rachkov's Forbidden Show took over the television air on Sunday night. 2.54 million viewers watched at least a small part of NOVA's latest production. Among viewers of active age (18-49 years), the premiere episode of the comedy show is the absolute leader with an audience share of 38.2%. The achieved result is 25% more than the result of the second television in the ranking.

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