Svetlana Vassileva is the new CEO of Global Group

Mrs. Svetlana Vassileva joined Global Group as a CEO of the companies included - Global Films, Global Frame, Global Vision, Global Web, Global Rent, Open Frames.

One of the founders of the national television bTV, managed in succession: Fox International Channels Bulgaria, TV7, Nova Broadcasting Group, her last position was Vice President of Fox International Channels for Northern Europe, Svetlana needs no introduction. Her name is sufficiently well known to everyone, working in the media field in Bulgaria and the region.

Mrs. Vassileva takes the operational activities of the companies.

The aim for the group is to start work on new projects, to expand and enter the international market. It is with this idea, the owners have turned to Svetlana Vassileva, whose vast experience in this field would be of great benefit to the development in this direction.

"I've always had a great desire to be closer to the creative part of television, not just part of the administration. In recent years I was convinced that my most successful projects were those in which I had the opportunity to participate actively in the creation of television, as they were bTV and Fox. As part of the team of Global Group I will have again the opportunity to participate directly in new and interesting projects, not only for Bulgaria but also to contribute, based on my experience, getting the company to the international market. I like the united team of the Global Group. It is a pleasure to be part of it and to work towards the realization of our ambitious projects." says Svetlana Vassileva.

"I have always felt immense respect for Svetlana Vassileva. In our company, one of the basic rules to work as a team is to be from “the same blood type”. I believe our success is due to the fact that we invariably stick to this rule. In the last 15 years we have conducted many meetings with Svetla, uneasy negotiations... we have implemented a lot of projects – she on one side of the table, as head of the TV, we on the other – as independent producers. And all this time I knew that we are "the same blood type". I am absolutely convinced that Global Group becomes much stronger with Svetlana Vassileva headed. And even better is that not only a great professional but also a good friend joins us!" said Magy Halvadjian.