Lords of the Air and X FACTOR occupy FORBES ranking of the most popular Bulgarians

On September 30th took place the ceremony of the annual awarding of the Bulgarian edition of Forbes magazine for the "Top 70 of Bulgarian celebrities."

The faces of the "Lords of the Air" and "X Factor" occupied 8 of 70 places in the ranking, which is more than 10% of it.

This year, producer and member of the jury of "Like Two Drops of Water" and "X Factor" - Bulgaria Magy Halvadjian has climbed with two up and took the second place as before him is only the world known Bulgarian tennis star Grigor Dimitrov. In the first 20 are "the lords of the air" Vasil Vasilev - Zueka Dimitar Rachkov and Nencho Balabanov (also winner in the last season of "Like Two Drops of Water"), followed by Malin Krastev and Maria Ignatova. She belongs also to the "X Factor" crew in the rankings, along with co-host Alex Raeva and the famous Bulgarian rap singer Krisko who is a judge in the show this season.

Real show overwhelmed the hall when Dimitar Rachkov was to receive his plaque. He unfortunately was unable to attend the ceremony, but Maria Ignatova accepted the award on his behalf and surprisingly carried live connection on the phone, so that he personally thanked for the recognition. And he did it in his inimitable style, causing laughter in the hall with the question why and how Magy Halvadjian is again before him.

Bulgarian edition of one of the most prestigious magazines in the world Forbes, organized the ranking for the third consecutive year, as persons of Global Group invariably present in the leading places in it.