Digital or not Lords of the Air are back in September

Digital or not, "Lords of the Air" will return to Nova TV on September 9. This, unlike the exclusion of the analogue television signal on 1.09 is a sure fact. A few days ago, the team shot the promo for the start of the 11th season, which will be rotated at the end of August. In it, the favorite tandem Zueka and Rachkov have made parody of the popular commercials, part of the information campaign on digital switchover of Bulgarian TV air. Their company were the three Adrenaline girls of the show, and the role of "The man – digitalization” took the actor Alexei Kozhuharov known to us by „Like Two drops of Water„ and "Total Madness".

The producer of „The Lords„ Judy Halvadjian said that in the new season, the show will be even more ruthless to politicians. We will see both new entries and more new and fierce reporters from across Bulgaria.