New Jury in the fourth season of X Factor - Bulgaria

July 16 is the first date of castings for the new season of the show. The team will visit Veliko Tarnovo, Varna, Burgas, Plovdiv and Sofia in order to find the most talented candidates

New jury will take judges seats in the fourth season of X Factor - Bulgaria. "As we promised, in the new edition of the show there will be many surprises - the first of them is the jury, but we will not stop here," said the show's producer Magardich Halvadjian, alluding to the new things that will happen in the fourth season.

Four new judges whose disclosure is coming soon, will include some of the most powerful and popular representatives of the Bulgarian show business. The names that will determine who are the most talented candidates with “X Factor” in the country, will become known within days. Hosts of the new season of the show will again be charming Alex Raeva and Maria Ignatova. They will again provoke and entertain the fans of the show. They will also involve participants in surprising situations and will follow the path and most emotional moments of the candidates to their great success.
What will be the new jury, which will guide the development of the participants in the fourth season of X Factor - Bulgaria? Who will be the Professionals to occupy the four judges' seats and what is their formula for success? We will find out soon.