X Factor - Bulgaria returns to Nova TV with a fourth season and 50 000 leva (25 000 euro) prize for the winner

After the giddy success of its third edition, X Factor - the only music show in Bulgaria, which creates stars, returned to Nova TV. This year №1 music show in the world will lay prize before which any artist in the country would not have remained indifferent - a sum with which to lay the foundations for a solo career. For the first time in the history of the show in Bulgaria, the winner of the fourth season in addition to a contract with a record company will receive a cash prize of 50 000 leva (25 000 euro) - chance and a real opportunity for every artist to make a serious step in their career after the final of the show.

Winners and finalists in the three successful seasons of the most exciting music format conquered the Bulgarian scene. Talents, who won the hearts of thousands of spectators already toured as promising artists with a loyal audience. The winner of the third season - Slavin Slavchev dropped his first single "Come", followed by a piece of finalists Nevena and Michaela, and the youngest participant in the show Christina Doncheva - "Love for the first time." A few days ago BG Radio awarded the music discovery of the second season Zhana Bergendorff with "BG Debut 2015" and also introduced the premiere first solo song of Mihaela Marinova - "Step forward." Among the established names in the music business is the winner of the first season - Raffi Boghossian, who proved that music can not only be enjoyable, but also a profession for emerging artists.

Some of the most popular artists, including Angel and Moses and Michaela Fileva also rose on the stage of X Factor and launched a successful music career. The famous Bulgarian rap singer Krisko recently announced upcoming summer hit with Gerry Nicole by the blasting girly trio from the X Factor stage Sweet 16. The twins Alex and Vladi recorded a song with Venzy, followed by the lord of female hearts in 2nd season - Nasko, who dropped feature with Maria Ilieva. Possibility of star duo received Sabatin even sang with the titan of Bulgarian rock - Dancho Karadjov.

Expect more news about the new season of X Factor - the show, turning music discoveries in the stars.