Auditions before the jury of X Factor – Bulgaria 2015 begin

After hundreds of interesting and inspiring candidates, the team of a musical show №1 met during their summer tour, it was time for one of the most exciting stages of the show – auditions before the jury of X Factor in Sofia. The new judges’ tetrad of the fourth season will meet for the first time with the participants to select the best of them, which will continue to the next stage of the show.

Day before taking one of the four judges' seats in the X Factor, and meet for the first time with this year's contenders for participation in the show, each of the jury members share how they feel and what they expect from candidates.

"I'm excited to take the judgment seat, because I feel a great responsibility as to its role and to show. My mission in this season of X Factor is to find people that complement the picture of the Bulgarian music market, so I hope to meet the right candidates during the auditions, "says Christian Talev - Krisko.

"I cannot say I'm worried, but certainly feel a slight tickle in the stomach. As a long-awaited meeting. It really is the format I follow for years with great joy. For the first time I will have the opportunity to occupy the position of mentor. I hope to be pleasantly surprised by the candidates and see not only people who want at all costs to win, but also to learn something, if you have decided to deal with music“, says with a smile Lucy Diakovska who arrives from Germany especially for X Factor.

"I am calm. Quite positive and optimistic. I know well why I sit in this chair and I hope the candidates are aware of what they had boarded the stage of X Factor ", categorically says the producer of the show Magardich Halvadjian who this season, viewers will see in the role of judge and mentor.

"On one hand I feel like as if I am about to experience something extreme, like abseiling down steep cliffs. On the other hand, I cannot stop thinking what overcome and courage are needed to come on the stage of this magnificent race and claim his or hers artistic "I" and a third - I hope the new season is that pleasure of meeting with so much talent, as was the previous" says Stanislava Armutlieva - Sanya, which best knows the X Factor performers and been working for years, together with them for their professional realization on the music scene in Bulgaria.