Lords of the Air celebrates its 14th birthday

The team decided to show the viewers how much exactly the show has "grown" and after a long search it found peers, who were born on the same day and year the show has started. These astral twins were invited and some of them will be special guests in the studio on the eve of the show's birthday. The wonderful and unique "Lady of the Air" Maria Ignatova will be there, as well.
During the festive episode a large number of greetings and surprises will be shown. However, at their core will be all the stars, who has led the TV show over the years. There will be also cakes, fortune-tellers, the irreplaceable professor Vuchkov and other disasters, which are not to be missed.
This year the party will be internal, but next year the team will throw a big party because it will celbrate its 15th birthday!