X Factor`s live concerts taking up NOVA TV this Sunday, 20.00!

The show that gave the chance to so many music artists is now about to come to its next phase – the live concerts. The pilot episode from the 10 live concerts will be aired this Sunday - 20.10.2017 and the rest of the concerts will continue to 17.12.2017.The 13 contestants will have to prove that they are ready enough to proceed to the end of the show as every week one of them will leave the big stage. After a series of impressing appearances and vocal performances, the jury, the participants and the audience will face the hardest challenge – saying goodbye to one of the candidates for a glamorous career in X Factor. Moreover, two contestants will leave the stage of X Factor during the very first live concert this Sunday!
“It's very possible that the enthusiasm in the participants easily switches to disappointment and this can happen only in a couple of minutes. The first live concert from the “Formation of stars” will be full of adrenaline because two of the participants have to leave the stage at the same time” – shares the production team.