Upcoming film festivals for Nightworld

With Halloween season now approaching, Nightworld begins its World tour around several film festivals, starting from the 26 of October and up to 1 of December. Defined popular movie festivals will support the appearance of Nightworld and if you are willing to join us for those screenings, see the list below:

25-29 October – Nocturna Madrid -  Madrid, Spain (https://goo.gl/hX17Qs)
26 Oct – 3 Nov – South African HORROR FEST – Cape Town, South Africa (https://goo.gl/3MNC4r)

26  Oct – 5 Nov – Morbido Film Fest – Mexico City, Mexico (https://goo.gl/yUhDQ7)
27 Nov – 1 Dec – Blood Window  Ventana Sur 2017 – Buenos Aires, Argentina (https://goo.gl/6WnwLk)