Unsurpassed Viewership for the start of Your Face Sounds Familiar – Season 7

NOVA is the absolute leader at the beginning of the new spring television season, which started with the most emblematic show for transformations – "Your Face Sounds Familiar". The format attracted 44.2% of the active viewers aged 18-49, which has surpassed twice the viewership of its main competitor.

The three hours entertaining show contributed to the bigger advantage of NOVA compared to its opponent amongst the active urban population (18-49) and the younger viewers at the ages of 18-34 years old. Nearly half of each of these audiences had chosen to watch the eight new stars ready to dive in the exciting challenges of the show. In addition, the competitor’s audience groups are 2.7 times lower at the same time.

The celebratory cast and the favourite hosts of "Your Face Sounds Familiar" contributed for more than 2.5 million viewers to be a part of the most beloved show for transformations in Bulgaria. This is also the biggest achievement from the start of the show in 2014 up to this moment.