The newest Bulgarian TV series "The Road of Honor" has been created in partnership between NOVA TV and Global Films with producer Magarditch Halvadjian. It traces the dramatic story of a strong woman who has to face the challenge of staying true to herself despite difficult life situations.

The storyline addresses important social issues for modern society such as the need to return to moral values and good faith. Among the main topics are the migration from small to the big city and the transformation of organized crime into “clean business” since the 90s.

The main roles are entrusted to Silvia Petkova, Ivaylo Zahariev, Veselin Plachkov, Mariana Milanova, Simeon Lyutakov and others. A real discovery turns to be the 9-year-old Alexander Spirov, who plays the role of little Martin.

Production writers are the creative tandem Milena Fuchedzhieva and Elena Ivanova, who were inspired by real-life events.

"I think '"The Road of Honor'" will help many viewers to find their way, especially the young ones because defending your honour, upholding your principles are actually some of the most important things in life. Through the film we hope to show these things are still alive, that they exist and that it is worth it to fight for them!" said the producer Magardicth Halvadjian.

The premiere of Season 1 is on September 9 with 52 episodes to be aired each week, from Monday to Thursday at 10:00 PM, only on NOVA TV & NOVA PLAY.