Lords of the Air is coming back on air with new host duo

The tandem Gerasim Georgiev-Gero and Rumen Ugrinski will be on NOVA’s air, every weekday evening as hosts of “Lord of the Air”, replacing Malin Krustev and Nencho Balabanov.

The duo which gained even more popularity as inspector Plamen Plamenov- Patso and Kaloyan Milev- Kalata from the TV series “Suburban cops”, will take over on Monday, 16th of April. Again, their mission will be to expose the injustices but contrary to their characters in the TV series they must make no mistakes, most importantly they will have to show the goofs of others.

After 5 years break, this will be the awaited comeback of the hosts as a leading duo for the 3rd time in the 15-years long history of the show.

If you wonder does the tandem will work with the same flow in “Lords of the Air”, do not miss to watch Rumen and Gero on Monday, 16th of April from 23:00 on NOVA.