Lords of the Air celebrates 15th birthday anniversary

On 31st of March, “Lords of the Air” celebrated 15 years on-air. The anniversary was celebrated with special episode broadcasted on 2nd of April by NOVA. The show presented a great number of anchors, reporters and their own blunders.

The special episode charged up and had a lot of surprises, while the anchors reached the number of five- Gerasim Georgiev-Gero, Rumen Ugrinski, Malin Krustev, Nencho Balabanov and the first female host in the history of the show – Maria Ignatova.

“I am proud that throughout these 15 years “Lords of the Air” proved its position as an uncompromising institution in the country and I believe that in the next years we will continue to maintain the same spirit!”, shared the producer of the show Judy Halvadjian.

The audience enjoyed the funniest goofs made by the show’s crew – the unstoppable reporters, the charming Adrenaline Girls and the exceptional anchors, were exposed for the first time. The anniversary will continue on-air for two weeks. Special greetings from the audience and characters from the show will be broadcasted daily, as well as iconic materials from the 15-years long history of the show.