Your face sounds familiar returns on NOVA from February 26

The unique show for transformations in Bulgaria - Your Face Sounds Familiar returns on air with its sixth season from February 26th, at 8:00 pm on NOVA.

The iconic anchors of the show - Vassil Vassilev-Zueka and Dimitar Rachkov will again provoke the jury and participants with a series of surprises and unexpected moments.

"The sixth season of the entertaining show will not betray the tradition of presenting well-known and beloved stars that viewers do not expect to see in this image" commented the production team.

For 13 live episodes, the participants will compete with different images from the Button of Fortune (Randomiser) and at the end of each show, the winner will have to donate his prize to a cause that he supports.

Do not miss the new season of Your Face Sounds Familiar from February 26 on NOVA.