The unique tandem Malin Krustev and Nencho Balabanov are back as anchors of Lords of the Air

The unique tandem Malin Krustev and Nencho Balabanov are coming back as new hosts of “Lords of the Air”.They are extremely happy to return and to take the places of Dimitar Rachkov and Vasil Vasilev- Zueka, who are starting a feverish preparation of the upcoming season of “Your Face Sounds Familiar”.
This is not the first partnership of the two actors, who proved that can work well as a team during the same time of the last year and are born to rule the screen with talent and humor. Malin is the first host with whom the show has started 13 years ago and this fact makes him feel like a real veteran. He said:
"It's great that once again we will duet with Nencho, though his career in show began with me. In general, everybody in "Lords of the Air" have started hosting with me as a partner. I'm like the first instructor during driving lessons, figuratively speaking. Nencho took the theory tests and did well; now we are driving. "
Nencho also does not hide his sympathy to his colleague:
"I am very happy to be back in the show again and to partner with Malin! I promise to welcome viewers every night. I promise also the truth, only the truth and the whole truth, even when some people find it uncomfortable and garnished with lots of laughter, of course! "
Do not miss the "inauguration" of the new "Lords of the Air" hosts today from 23:00 on NOVA TV.