The Road of Honor finale drew the biggest audience so far

With a shocking finale, on December 19, 2019, the television series "The Road of Honor" has completed its first season. The latest dramatic episode is the most-watched one of the entire season and has attracted 36.6% of the active viewers aged 18-49, which is 4 times more compared to the result of 8.4% for the competitive television at the same time slot.

According to the reported data of the independent research agency Nielsen Admosphere Bulgaria, it becomes clear that on average over 26% of the active-age audience has chosen "The Road of Honor" this fall. At the same time, during the broadcasting period of the series, the second most-watched television has achieved a lower score - 21% of the audience.

The results of the first season show a dynamically growing viewership interest on both television and online platforms of Nova Broadcasting Group. With over 10 million video and articles views, from which over 7.7 million are video views, "The Road of Honor" turns into NOVA's most attractive headline this fall.

The biggest fans of the series had the opportunity to watch the emotional finale of "The Road of Honor" in the company of their favourite actors in a movie theatre a few hours before its broadcast on air.

At the end of Season 1, viewers parted with four of the key characters - Simeon, Kamen, Nacho and Kiro The Christian. The long-kept secret of Ognyan's murder, which happened in the first episodes, has also been revealed. The season finale was subject to the theme of retribution - each of the characters received what he deserved according to their own deeds.