The Miss is the big winner in "The Masked Singer" - season 3

A spectacular show organized the finale of the third season of the most mysterious TV show - "The Masked Singer" hosted by Gerasim Georgiev - Gero and Krasi Radkov. After 13 shows full of secrets and mysteries, NOVA viewers chose the big winner. Singer Victoria Georgieva, hidden under the favorite mask of The Miss, keeps the secret of the magnificent costume and remained unrecognizable to the end. She managed to preserve the anonymity of the identity for three months and caused complete confusion in the prominent detectives Alex Raeva, Marta Vachkova, AZIS and Vlado Penev. This is the first character in the history of the show, who has not lost in musical duels throughout the season.

"I am very excited. Thanks to everyone for their support, as well as to the whole team. For me, it was an amazing experience and one of the best things that happened to me this year. Thank you for the chance to live this dream, "admitted Victoria Georgieva, who captivated the audience with her incredible voice and artistic presence. Her star rose for the first time on the stage of the music format X Factor, and this year she was the Bulgarian representative of the international song contest Eurovision.

The honorable second place was taken by the playful Gabarko, in whose image the young singer Krisia skillfully incarnated, and in third place was the pop singer Miro, under the attractive costume of The Rhino.

An impressive spectacle conquered the stage of the grand finale of the third season of "The Masked Singer". Gabarko, The Rhino and The Miss sang two songs in the fight for the voices of the audience, and then raised the audience to their feet with a joint performance of the hit of Majestic and Bonnie M - "Rasputin". Minutes before the long-awaited revelation of the winner, the masked guards also came out with a special performance of "I Wanted That Way" by the American band Backstreet Boys.

Fans of the show witnessed more surprises during the final show. Two guest masks were also removed. Bashar Rahal had successfully hidden under the imposing costume of The Owl, and the amazing Desi Dobreva gave life to the favorite mask of The Princess.

With exceptional security measures and huge audience interest, 14 mysterious masks became a real sensation and took over the television this fall. Victoria Georgieva is the third winner in the history of form in Bulgaria. The first victory was won by the singer Mihaela Marinova in 2019, who managed to keep her secret behind the image of The Raven for the longest time. And in the finale of the second season, the mask of Baba Yaga fell last, behind which was the actor Borislav Zahariev, known as Bobby Turboto.