Season 7 of Your Face Sounds Familiar begins on February 25

The one-of-a-kind show for transformations in Bulgaria "Your Face Sounds Familiar" (aka “Like Two Drops of Water”) will kick off its seventh season on February 25 at 8:00 pm on Nova TV.

Eight beloved artists, who will be announced shortly, will once again entertain and surprise the audience with impressive impersonations in 13 live episodes, each Monday evening.

There won’t be a surprise with two of the jury members as Hilda Kazasyan and Dimitar Kovachev-Funky are about to sit on the hot chairs again. We are looking forward to finding out who will take the third chair of the jury this season!

“Hilda and Funky are not only professionals with vast experience in the music business, but moreover, they have a great sense of humour. As you know that, along with the multi-talented participants, is a must for the viewers to see the show at its best” stated the team of "Your Face Sounds Familiar".


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