Nevena Bozukova is the winner in the second season of Your Face Sounds Familiar - Bulgaria

Clear winner in the second season of “Your Face Sounds Familiar” - Bulgaria on Nova TV is Neve. After 13 transformations, difficult images, a lot of persistence and always flawless in her performances, Neve was beloved by the viewers of the show and they fired her to the first place. She took special statuette by the famous painter and sculptor Stavry Kalinov in "Miss Evolution" category.

Neve thank the whole team for the unique entertainment and tireless work that laid during those three months. Her performance of "Hallelujah" by Alexandra Burke put the crowd on its feet, and she tearfully dedicated it to her father.

Second place was for Kaci Vaptzarov who performed the eternal Bulgarian hit "Black Sea" by Todor Kolev. Especially for his final transformation Kaci watched all movies and gigs of Todor Kolev and even went to violin lessons at Vesco Ashkenazi. He grabbed the prize "Mr. 100 persons."

Third place viewers assigned to Stefania Koleva, who wowed the audience with the hit of the famous Bulgarian rapper Ico Hazarta "Hip Hop". She won the prize for "Best Transformation" for her transformation of the singer Vanya Kostova.

Nettie took fourth place of honor for her magic performance of Sarah Brightman and “Time to Say Goodbye”. "You're a monster voice" – said the jury Magardich Halvadjian, and Hilda Kazasyan added that she was impressed by the way Nettie always mimic the energy of the imitated star. Nettie grabbed the special prize for "Best stage performance."