Grand final for season 5 of Your Face Sound Familiar

The viewers chose Mihaela Marinova as the winner of the fifth season of the best-loved show for transformations "Your face sounds familiar". The singer is the youngest participant and winner in the history of the show in Bulgaria so far and was awarded with a brand new car.

"I am grateful for the whole experience and to the jury that has stimulated me with every word. I will dream of this show. I have decided to perform this song because the film Titanic has always been so electrifying for me", said the thrilled Michaela Marinova, who won the hearts of the audience with the impersonation of Celine Dion.

The talented singer DesiSlava won the second place performing as the unrivalled Stefka Sabotinova and with the music accompaniment of national instruments - gadulka and kaval.

My participation was a schizophrenic journey that brought me into many different emotions and characters. I have taken an extraordinary wealth to continue forward with", said the energetic Lucy Dyakovska, who took the third place based on viewers vote.

Miro has ranked fourth, who electrified the hall with the emblematic song "The Happiest Day" of the Bulgarian band “Kontrol” and the transformation into their headliner - Kolyo Gillana.

For the first time this year, star guests joined the duet performances, but the awards were less - in favor of the stage appearances. The discovery of the fifth season - the actress Sofia Djamdjieva and Nencho Balabanov impressed the audience with the ballad of Cher and Eros Ramazotti, announcing that they would participate as a permanent duet in the next show. The hosts of the show, Zueka and Rachkov, said they will be looking forward to a solo concert of Bashar Rahal and Militsa Gladnishka after the impersonation of the cult duet of Jay Z and Alicia Keys. Koceto Kalki and the winner of X Factor Bulgaria – Christiana Loizu made a different review of the “Phantom of the Opera” when adding heavy metal elements to the classics. The most unusual musical tandem appeared in the performance of Vanya Dzaferovic and Stanimir Gamov as the football opponents Ronaldo and Messi. “This is the best thing I have ever done”, stated the star of PFC Beroe about his participation in the show.

The final live concert turned into a memorable spectacle in which accents were the improvisation and provocation that are an integral part of the entertaining moments in "Your Face Sounds Familiar".