Global Films produced the annual UNICEF show

Amazing show and cause united more than 100 celebrities at “Balkanski” Circus on the 25th of November. “Be a part of the positive change for every child” was the slogan of the show, which aimed to raise funds for the positive alteration for the kids of Bulgaria.
The spectacular show brought together celebrities, musicians, some of the most popular Bulgarian and worldwide circus artists as well as famous faces from NOVA TV in a common charity cause. Some of the most popular artists in the show were: Margarita Hranova, Alex Raeva, Avenue, Michaela Fileva, Miro, D2, “Bon-Bon”, prof. Hristo Pimpirev and many more. Along with the show at “Balkanski” Circus , the so called “telethon” was also running. In this “telethon” another 20 celebrities were talking on the phone with different people – donors of the cause and explained them what is the idea of the cause. Some of the celebrities were: Niki Doynov, Ivan Garelov, Gergana Malkodanska, Vlado Nikolov, Ralitsa Paskaleva, Bashar Rahal and more.
Anchors were two of the most beloved faces from NOVA's air – Niki Kanchev and Ani Salich. The audience in the circus and the viewers in front of their screens both had the chance to see unbelievable circus tricks and performances from favorite singers and groups. The journalists from NOVA showed a positive instance with stories from different people, who had received help from previous UNICEF's campaigns.
“The money gathered until now will help children with disabilities to visit kinder gardens and go to school normally, and to those, who were sacrifices of domestic violence, to survive this trauma” said the anchor of the news on NOVA – Ani Salich.
The producer of the spectacular show was Global Films.