Your Face Sounds Familiar will be back on the air of NOVA with major changes and unexpected surprises

The new season of “Your Face Sounds Familiar” will be launched soon. “There will be many changes and surprises in the show” said Dimitar Rachkov during his visit at the Sunday talk show “Kombina”. The host of “Your Face Sounds Familiar” also added that the fifth season will return to the air of Nova with an original cast, which will provoke the audience with unpredictable characters. As usual, the top show of Bulgaria will bring together some of the biggest starts and a jury of professionals with good sense of humor. “We still have no permission to tell who will be part of the jury but we hope Magi Halvadjian to be there as he is extremely important for our role-play with Zueka” said Rachkov. He even appealed to people to vote for keeping the producer as part of the jury. The two hosts will keep the smiles of millions of viewers this season, sharing the stage with favorite people and proven artists.
Who will be part of the fifth season? What surprises will bring the new edition of "Your Face Sounds Familiar" – to be announced soon.