Your Face Sounds Familiar - Bulgaria encore in the Spring on Nova TV

This spring, one of the most colorful and entertaining programs in Bulgarian air "Like Two Drops of Water" (“Your Face Sounds Familiar” - Bulgaria) is out for its new season, featuring new stars and challenges. One of the most popular formats of the Dutch company Endemol, reaped huge success in the country in the spring of 2013, will return to make us witness the exciting new musical incarnations of some of your favorite Bulgarian actors, singers and people from show business.

The task of the new portion celebrities this spring is already well known - to become a real world music stars - to blind with the vision and showmanship as much as possible closer to them and prove that they are “like two drops of water”. Obstacles, however, will not be missing, and the team of the show promises hundreds of new and creative challenges on the screen. Producer will again be Global Films Ltd.

In the summer of 2013 the first winner of Like Two Drops of Water became talented Rafi - he won a brand new car from the show. There were awards and recognitions for the other blinding participants on the scene as among the most original were "Miss Evolution" for Diana Lyubenova, "Mr. Chameleon" for Alexei Kozhuharov and a prize for best transformation for Stefan Ryadkov .

At the end of the first season of “Like Two Drops of Water" charming actress Milica Gladnishka got a consolation prize - to be a guest judge on the next season of the show. Whether Milica has accepted the invitation of the producers and will have an opportunity to participate in the new edition of the show, we'll know soon.

Until then, the hot details for the surprises this spring, the names of the first stars who will participate in the preparation of the show will be posted to the official fan page on Facebook