1 500 000 watched the start of Your face sounds familiar

The remarkable start of the sixth season of the show for unique transformations "Your Face Sounds Familiar" achieved outstanding results. 42.7% of the active population chose the air of NOVA TV which is as twice as bigger than the audience of the direct TV competitor in the same time slot.

The first episode of the show is the highest rated of all since 2014, among all viewers (4 +) and the economically active population aged 18-49 years. In relation to the start of the previous season the show has achieved 9% higher rating. During the most intense moments of the favorite show of the audience, in front of the screens were 1 453 000 viewers.

Right after the premiere episode of "Your Face Sounds Familia", the audience chose to stay with NOVA and the show "Lords of the Air", despite the late hour on a weekday.

Among the active audience aged 18-49, which is the most valuable to advertisers, "Lords of the Air" has an average share of 35.43%, compared to 17.04% for its competitor. At the peak times, the gap became almost triple, reaching a share of 39.41%, compared to 13.59% in the same time slot. The show with no analogue on the Bulgarian air shows even more convincing results among the active urban population in the same age group 18-49, where the data shows an average of 39.02%, compared to 14.57% of the competitive television. 

The impressive results of the both productions of Global Group are another proof that the anchors Dimitar Rachkov and Vasil Vassilev-Zueka and those of the "Lords of the Air" - Malin Krastev and Nencho Balabanov are the definite choice for entertainment and favorites on the screen for Bulgarian viewers.