Your Face Sounds Familiar - S 7

Your Face Sounds Familiar - S 7

Global Films, a subsidiary of Global Group, is the producer of Endemol’s local version of the format Your Face Sounds Familiar (aka “Like Two Drops of Water”).

Anchors of the show are the popular comedian actors Dimitar Rachkov and Vasil Vasilev – Zueka.

For 13 live episodes, broadcast each Monday evening, celebrities from Bulgaria have to impersonate iconic music artists of all times. Each contestant has to transform into a different performer, but moreover to master artist’s style of singing, dancing and acting on stage. They are judged by three celebrity judges – two primary ones and a guest.

At the end of every show, the 8 participants have to press the “Button of Luck” (Randomiser) to see what will be their next challenge.

Hilda Kazasyan
Dimitar Kovachev – Funky
Guest Judges: Magy Halvadjian (Live 1, Live 2), Dimiter Marinov (Live 3)

Maria Ilieva
Konstantin Trendafilov aka. Papi Hans
Stefan Ilchev
Desi Dobreva
Milko Kalaidjiev
Petia Buiuklieva